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Unfortunately you can't book a free tour here.

The past few years we've seen the rise of free tour operators in Amsterdam and the negative effects this has on our home town. This is why we started this website, to inform visitors of the current situation in Amsterdam.

We believe that the rapid growth of free tour operators is not beneficial for Amsterdam. Tourism in Amsterdam is exploding, the city and it’s residents are trying to find new ways to cope with the large amount of visitors.

We have nothing against free tour operators or their guides personally, we just hope they can change their way of doing business. ;)

What is the difference between
a free and a paid tour? 

Why you should not book 
a free tour in Amsterdam:

Free Tour

1 Free tour operators often work with non-local guides who had almost no training
2 Free tour guides can cause friction in a diverse (and sensitive) area like the Red Light District.
3 Free tour operators work on a tip and commission base and use the public space to attract their clients.
4 A professional tour guide should not have to work on a tip base.
5 Free tour operators need to work with large groups (25+) to profit.
6 Large groups cause nuisance in the small streets of Amsterdam.

Why you should
book a paid tour

Paid Tour

1 Book a 5* local tour guide, with years of training & experience, and have a customizable tour.
2 Support local business owners and get a true local experience.
3 Contribute to a fair local economy and help to prevent mass-tourism.
4 Most professional tour guides are freelancers, support the local Amsterdam entrepeneurship.
5 Have a tour without irritation of local residents or cyclists, who get annoyed by big groups blocking the roads or sidewalks.
6 Walk in a small tour group, have full attention of the guide.

The Free Tour concept can work, when organized for homeless or ex-addict guides as part of a rehabilitation program.
In Bruges (Belgium) companies that organise free tours get fined: http://m.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20170628_02946630

This initiative is supported by many local private guides, operators & entrepeneurs:

Dutch Tour Company
Gids Peter
Hellen König
René Smit, Les Taxis Bleus
Holland Private Tour
René van Steen, TourinAmsterdam
Guido Scheepe
Jelte van Koperen
J. Balm, zelfstandig gids
Ghost Walk Amsterdam
Willem Oosterbeek
Plan A
Paul Derksen, national guide and local expert
Kiki Tours
Get Events
The Extra Mile Tours
Joris van Vuure
Special Tours
Jan Vijftigschild
Karla Olgers
Descobreix Holanda en Català
Jessica Meentzen, Local Experts Amsterdam
Michael Brezavscek, CarrMichael Tours
Rob Snijders
Marjolein Veentjer
Wilbert Boeren - Landbeleven
RLD Amsterdam Tours
Mona Schuitemaker
Marja Visser
MCYFolkers Tourism
Tours By Marion
Rotterdam Discovery Tours
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